L'AVU Etui

L'AVU Etui


L'AVU Etui is your perfect addition to any bag, or as a separate pouch. Large enough to carry your phone, your credit cards and cash without taking out the entire purse. Also, perfect for makeup items or travel documents. 

L’AVU bags are hand crafted in Los Angeles. Based on the traditional bag design, but made with paper! Not any paper. This fibre is designed and constructed to behave like leather. L'AVU Etui is made out of our traditional washable paper in combination with a paper coated with a metallic finish. It’s waterproof, wipeable and will stand up to everyday challenges. It flattens for storage purposes and will hold its form for future use.

Size: 6.5" x 10.5" 



Care instructions:

Wash in warm water with a mild soap, then rinse thoroughly, shape and style and set out to air dry (or dry flat for easy storage). Hand wash only, do not machine wash, do not dry clean.


*Please allow 1 - 2 weeks for delivery.

**Please note - Each piece is made by hand and not two items are the same, sizes may vary slightly. If your item is faulty please let us know.

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